San Marcos, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala


Lake Atitlan

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. . . located on the shores of Lake Atitlan, a crater lake in the Guatemalan highlands that has been called “the most beautiful lake in the world” by Huxley and Humboldt. Tzununa/San Marcos La Laguna are Mayan villages next to each other, known as the ‘yoga capital of Central America’ with a laid-back atmosphere and incredible views of the lake’s three volcanoes.


The Dark Retreat Dome


arjuna arpita

Arpita & Arjuna

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Andrew Durham: second edition “Darkroom Retreat”

andrew dAndrew Durham’s well-received book is now in it’s second edition.  buy the book

An experienced darkroom retreater, Andrew  has built a dark retreat dome in guatemala, given talks on darkroom retreating, facilitated 18 retreats for 18 people guatemala, and for other retreaters in Sweden, Norway, and Spain.

One of Andrew’s talks was entitled the “Darkness Conjecture” . See video of Andrew’s talk here

darkroom retreat

deep rest for the self-healing psyche

a book by andrew durham: a complete manual

~~~ a complete manual ~~~

Hygienic darkroom retreating consists of resting in an absolutely dark room for days, alone, with food. Why do this? To restore conditions of psychic balance, giving refuge from the sensory over-stimulation of civilized existence.

This seemingly trivial contrast can lead to a remarkable and lasting restoration of your well-being, making the darkroom a powerful tool. The book explains why a retreat works, how to do it, and how to make a darkroom. It includes detailed instructions to attain these effects in your own home.

~~~ toward a hygienic psychology ~~~

Neither spiritual nor disciplined, therapeutic nor medicinal, this is the first approach to darkness—and psychology—based on hygiene. Not just cleanliness, hygiene remains history’s most influential approach to health. Hygiene gave the modern world appreciation for the self-preserving nature of life and all its normal conditions, eg, fresh air, ample sleep, pure food, regular exercise and bathing, etc.

Hygiene has long succeeded in caring for the self-healing body. With darkness, hygiene now has an equally effective way of caring for the self-healing soul.

an extract from the FAQ chapter”


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Ananda Bosman: Dark Room Retreat Pioneer

Ananda Bosman is indeed a Renaissance man. He has worked and shapeimage_3experimented in many fields since a teenager. Among many innovations, he pioneered harmonic music [listen at the end of this post].

In 1992 Ananda developed a neorotransmitter theory by which endogenous pineal gland neurotransmitters that were psychoactive would be activated thru complete light isolation called Dark Room Retreats & D.R. Inner Light. Hundreds of pilots were brought through these tests, a majority with high psychedelic experiences.

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Andrew Durham: speaking in Sweden

see the book  by Andrew Durham “Darkroom Retreat” – second edition

Published on Nov 14, 2011
Talk held by Andrew Durham at Kulturföreningen Gryning, Helsingborg, Sweden on the 13th of November 2011. Contact him at

~~ the darkness conjecture:andrew d
toward a strifeless recovery of natural rapture ~~

Everyone has had a moment of rapture, when the world appears perfect and beautiful and every breath is sublime.

Rather than rarities or even delusions, what if these were moments of lucidity – clear awareness of the world as it is? What if this awareness could be restored without strife (enormous, difficult, and painful effort) by simply resting for several days in absolute darkness? What if the sheer insanity of our lives in this culture is, at root, simply an illness that could automatically heal under the proper conditions?

On Sunday, I will give my reasons for believing this possible. I will share my experiences with darkness: trying it in Oregon, USA and running a retreat in Guatemala for 18 other people. And I will invite your participation in making a darkness retreat here in Sweden so others can have this experience and continue testing what I call the darkness conjecture:

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The Bodhi Tree: Ghent Belgium


the page below has been google translated into english.          orig dutch

Last week we posted an interview with Chantal Spieard who recently Darkness Retreat underwent. Her experience made us so curious that we – before we plunge ourselves into the dark room – recommended going to psychologist Susie Retera . To her the question: What does a hermetically sealed space with your psyche?

It’s quite a bit, a few days camping out in a space that is sealed off from light and sound. “We are accustomed to many impulses. Our senses help us interpret these stimuli and thus give meaning to the environment. But our senses can also distract us from the inner world: our emotions, thoughts and memories. The constant flow of information to process our senses in the modern world, that makes our brains and nervous systems are almost always active. Also ensures our focus on the five senses sure we are often less aware of subtle forms of perception, “so says Suze.

external impulses

“At the time we close ourselves from all external impulses are activated other parts of our brains. Think of the hippocampus. This is a part of your brains that plays an important role in your day and night rhythm and ensures that there is melatonin and serotonin are created. These fabrics provide help to your nervous system settles down and you’re on a more subtle level, which can take. Once you are locked incentives, shift your attention from the outer to the inner world. ” Continue reading

Stays in the Dark, Kutna Hora, Czech R.

This facility is situated in the township of Kutna Hora, Lomec, Úmonín, Czech Rebuplic.  according to this Czech website, you can pay for the retreat in bitcoin. “. . . . set out towards Kutná Hora for dark therapy. You don’t need to have cash on you, because you can pay in bitcoins . . . .”. From what i can glean from the net, Stepanka Trenz  founded this facility. There are various managers, among them Thomas and Lenča.


” . . first experience with a stay in the dark I did in college and later repeated in other conditions for extended periods. I saw a similarity in the dark experiences with psychedelics, a consciousness expanding experience. It was clear to me that stays in darkness have incredible potential to destroy human mental prison that they have created ruts which it can not by itself step.”

The facility website  is here.  Facebook page is here.

The shrine is located on a hectare of land in the middle set in a hamlet with 60 inhabitants, where 50 meters away, you will find our wooden house (currently July 2014, a building). The nearest road is 200 meters from the shrine and also the only garden, fields and forests.


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