Dr Andrew Urbis: Celadna Czech R.

Dr Andrew Alois Urbis

UPDATED  jan 20 2018

another facility in Czech R. in the village of Celadna – a d.r. built and managed  by  Andrew A. Urbis. 

see This Page for google translation in english of the BRC – the Beskydské Rehabilitation Center website.

i discovered the fifth video when i was looking for some more info on his d.r. facility.  it is andrew urbis on telly!  o, no wonder his d.r. is booked 6 months in advance. good on him! spreading the word. UPDATE: the youtube video is no longer there. you can see the film on the czech television site.   with Petr Bendl — Šárka Záhrobská — Andrew Alois Urbiš having fun!

here is the best article i have seen on his work. and another about Silvie’s retreat.  both written by Sharon Crawford.

purpose-built from the ground up, as a darkroom retreat

50 days in the dark

following is an english translation from BRC website of  “Effects of Dark Treatment”

written by Dr. Milan Bajgar, Director of BRC – the Beskydské Rehabilitation Center – in the village of Celadna, in Czech R.

  • Treatment with dark matter is very effective as a prevention against civilization diseases – oncological diseases and metabolic disorders. It is used for example in obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, vascular and cerebral events, burnout syndrome and fatigue syndrome (CFS).
  • It is an important healing method that regenerates the psyche , removes the body of psychic sediments and deposits, and allows to cure the disturbed, uncertain mind. Therapy also contributes to an effective solution to personal problems.
  • It releases and slows down the pace of life.
  • It develops sensitivity of sensory receptors (eyesight, hearing, smell, taste and taste).
  • It allows the development of creativity, imagination and various inner experiences that are normally suppressed.
  • It also enables extreme stress situations to be exercised and improves their resistance.

Current medicine likes to cure already existing, developed diseases, because it is expensive, can use expensive devices, expensive drugs, expensive curative procedures. This is a great fit for the entire giant industry around health, or rather about illnesses. It is a misconception that people can do almost any misconduct in their attitude to health because current medicine is so powerful that it can handle almost everything. In short, we will postpone our bodies as a garment to a dry cleaner or a service car, and then we will continue without any changes. But it is not far from it. I am deeply convinced that the duty of our doctors and the doubles of those who work in specialized medical institutions (in our case, in the Beskydy Rehabilitation Center) is still harsh and sometimes even unpleasantly reminding our clients that their health should be taken care of by everyone alone. It is a complex problem because health is not only a healthy body but also a happy state of our being. And it is mainly the prevention of diseases, which is often forgotten today. Staying in the dark, dark therapy, has just this aspect of prevention in several ways. In the dark, the melatonin hormone, which acts anti-cancer and is effective in the prevention of civilization diseases, firstly remains in the dark. In a few days of rest in peace and darkness, just with yourself, one can “light up” in the dark, where he makes mistakes in his life where his main problem is. And you will be greeted by your digestive system during diet during dark therapy .

MUDr. Milan Bajgar

Director of BRC

dr andrew urbis has an academic researcher in his facility, Marek . thank goodness he is open to the findings. he is concluding that darkroom retreating is not a therapy. two more articles on research both written by Sharon Crawford


You can find out more about Marek and how to contact him at:

Marek Malůš – Float Conference 2015

Darkness retreat is a journey of self-discovery. It has been used for thousands of years in a number of Asian cultures, and is now becoming established in the Czech Republic. Those who have undertaken a darkness retreat say that it has noticeably improved their life both physically and mentally. Darkness heals, recharges your batteries, apparently it can even cure eczema or remove stress from your body.

andrew urbis czechCzech Television reporter, Silvie Dymáková, decided to spend a week in perfect darkness. No mobile, no music, no people, with no awareness of time. And because Silvie documented her feelings on thermographic camera, you will see a unique testimony to how it is to be alone in the dark and silence for seven days. First of all a very long sleep and then – see for yourself.



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