Stays in the Dark, Kutna Hora, Czech R.

This facility is situated in the township of Kutna Hora, Lomec, Úmonín, Czech Rebuplic.  according to this Czech website, you can pay for the retreat in bitcoin. “. . . . set out towards Kutná Hora for dark therapy. You don’t need to have cash on you, because you can pay in bitcoins . . . .”. From what i can glean from the net, Stepanka Trenz  founded this facility. There are various managers, among them Thomas and Lenča.


” . . first experience with a stay in the dark I did in college and later repeated in other conditions for extended periods. I saw a similarity in the dark experiences with psychedelics, a consciousness expanding experience. It was clear to me that stays in darkness have incredible potential to destroy human mental prison that they have created ruts which it can not by itself step.”

The facility website  is here.  Facebook page is here.

The shrine is located on a hectare of land in the middle set in a hamlet with 60 inhabitants, where 50 meters away, you will find our wooden house (currently July 2014, a building). The nearest road is 200 meters from the shrine and also the only garden, fields and forests.


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Equipment to Stay in Dark

You ask us often equipped sanctuary for the treatment of darkness and its accessories. Likewise, its surroundings. So here we try to describe as much as possible.

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building technology

The shrine is built of wood and standing on the ground screws, where construction is about 10cm above the ground. The floor is solid wood floor boards of spruce insulated 20 cm polystyrene. The walls are covered with floorboards from outside the ventilated façade, followed grid with 20 cm of thermal insulation. From inside the walls OSB (shavings bonded with resin glue … no artificial). On the ceiling is 30 cm thermal insulation that is not glued formaldehyde. The construction is called. Diffuse open the timber itself balances the relative humidity between 45 and 60 percent, ie. Breathes.

Interior Therapy dark sanctuary

Ventilation – although it is a diffusion-open building, we installed a ventilation unit with heat recovery. This unit has a heat recovery efficiency of 70%, thus saving heating energy and the environment. There are 2 fan speed. The first rate increase to 30 db noise and air changes in the sanctuary 2x per hour. The second rate increase hlukčnost of 35 dB and you replace the air sanctuary 3 times per hour. At the entrance of the switch and switch.

Sleep – the sanctuary is a wooden bed, 2.1 meters long and 80 centimeters wide.Grate in bed of wooden slats and grate the foam mattress. Each of us gets clean sheets. Pillow and duvet is commonplace (and thus not a feather, but microfiber).

Thermal comfort – thermal insulation ensures great save heat when the heat loss shrine near passive house for sure is mounted 1.5 kW heater with thermostat (carefully selected so that shone arc during switching). Isolation and ensure that when the outside in summer 33 degrees inside we measured just 23 degrees.

06/15/2014 17.36.59Personal Hygiene – hydro-massage shower box with hot water, a deep tray and seat. Washbasin with the possibility of closing the drain. Hanging toilet. Heat water provides 30 liter boiler , positioned above the toilet. Completely boiler heats the water for 1 hour and a half and full enough for a 5-15 minute you shower.

Water – well water with the yield 21 cubic meters per day is transported vibration Grundfos pump. Water is logically without chlorine and drinking is best if you leave it a minute or two to drain that had arrived from the spring … yum. Line pressure is balanced with the expansion vessel, however, may vary between 3mi and 6 bars. Wastewater treatment plant goes into a home and then travels to us in the garden.06/21/2014 14 November 09

Silence – the shrine is built with the intention of sound deprivation, isolation, and although 20 cm 6 cm wooden walls odhluční very, inside hear outside sounds. If you are looking for your stay in darkness absolute silence, we have earplugs from the pharmacy or for extremists big headphones (hluchátka).Although it is a sanctuary away from the house 50 meters, inside during the day to hear the intermittent sounds of construction as cutting or hammering.Likewise inside to hear the barking of our two hafánků or crow of a rooster It should be added that in the 12 km distant Caslav is a military airport which housed a squadron supersonic Gripen fighters that are both time hear. With the shut down ventilation silence in the sanctuary is around 24 dB at night and around 28 dB during the day (the level of the sparkling forest).

Storage space – cabinets available have no well most of you goes with backpack the most urgent. Personal belongings can be left under the bed. The hall is a shelf for a meal and a thermos of tea.

There is a mat and meditation cushion.

The waste water from the sewage water the garden.

What to bring thus certainly stay in the dark do not take:

1) chemical shower gels and shampoos
2) steroids, hormonal contraceptives
3) chemical fragrances, antiperspirants and more other chemical poisons

Thank you for your understanding.

Symptoms that need treatment darkness

  1. You feel busy and need to “drop”
  2. The need to “withdrawal” feel on holiday, where only resting
  3. You feel an inner restlessness and nervousness
  4. Do you feel that you were missing something, but you do not know what
  5. Have you experienced the near tragedy and need to be alone
  6. Looking for light and love and still do not find
  7. You have already tried “everything” and still feel sad and empty inside

Namely when practicing stay in the dark?

  1. Desire to go to stay in the dark, you’ll feel right at each other
  2. Efforts mind that this is unnecessary, you can happily ignore 🙂
  3. Incoming thoughts about the uselessness of staying in the dark are quite normal
  4. Emotions such as panic and fear are normal
  5. Fear of boredom during your stay in the dark are normal
  6. Staying in the dark, irrational, incomprehensible and unnatural … and this is normal

Recommendations for termination of therapy darkness

  1. End of stay in the dark, mainly enjoy the peace and joy
  2. Plan your end of the stay so that you will have at least two hours of time on rozkoukání
  3. Leave space to stay in the darkness just before dawn without the need to have dark glasses
  4. When the dizziness sit down and wait a few minutes for it to pass
  5. If the head is still a bit of swing, hold the necessary tree

We keep our fingers crossed for all practitioners and wish the beautiful moments during the stay in the dark.


what do you think dear reader?

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