Dzogchen Community Phendeling: South Bohemia, Czech R


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Project Dark Retreat  for Central Europe

We would like to present you project of Dark Retreat Cabine. The Cabine should be build during 2014/2015 in Phendeling, Dzogchen Community center located in South Bohemia.

an older news story on March 24, 2015

A New Dark Retreat Cabin for Europe

12006150_980217662035672_5861836813507192291_nThe Czech Dzogchen Community is building a dark retreat cabin in Phendeling in southern Bohemia. We have now all the necessary building permissions and we are starting the actual work.

The cabin will be constructed for use in both normal and dark retreats. Recently we received from Rinpoche an authenticated vase with precious objects, which will be placed below the cabin. The dark retreat is an essential practice of the Dzogchen path through which dream yoga and the capacity to have visions as well as the integration of visions into the primordial state can develop. The ultimate purpose of practicing in the dark is the consumption of the karmic vision of the practitioner which leads to integration of his or her material dimension in the essence of the elements. This realization is called the rainbow body.

In the creation of this project we collaborated with an architect expert in feng shui, also to aid us in equippinpoloha-Phendeling-478x350g the cabin very comfortably so that the practitioner can be provided with the best possible situation in which to harmonize his or her energy. We will be using exclusively natural materials within the cabin to guarantee a healthy inner environment. The frame of the building will be wooden, the walls made of bales of straw, and the plaster of clay. The plans for the cabin were designed in this way after we evaluated experiences in the construction of dark retreat cabins around the world. An artist will ornament our cabin with decorations created in plaster made of clay.

Now we are starting the fundraising for this project. The budget is €23,000. Your financial support is of great help and will enable us to create a facility for this essential practice available to practitioners worldwide.

You can support the construction by sending a donation to our bank account or by PayPal:

IBAN: CZ8720100000002000283150
ADDRESS OF THE BANK: Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, Praha 1
ACCOUNT OWNER: Dzogčhen o.s., Opletalova 35, 110 00 Praha 1¨

SUBJECT: Dark Cabin

We are happy to respond to your questions.

The Realization Team



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