Nils Taranger: 14 Days in the Dark

as part of Nils Taranger’s search for a way to heal himself, embarked on a 14 day dark retreat, assisted by his friends.

Released 2013

Published on Mar 20, 2013


A BLUE FLOWER is a personal documentary about the search to find a cure for an indented chest, and the subsequent blossoming of a heart.

Filmmaker Nils Taranger hears a legend about a blue flower that has the power to heal any sickness. He has been on a quest to find healing ever since he was not accepted by his mother after coming out as gay. On top of that, his chest is physically indented, and he wants to find a miraculous cure. The blue flower sounds wonderful — the only catch is that it isn’t supposed to exist.

Nils sets off on a journey to find the blue flower, and makes a lot of new friends along the way. From Lewis the Lightworker who claims that the blue flower is a chakra inside his head, to Joe the Alchemist who is trying to cook up the philosopher’s stone in his laboratory, to a Siberian Shaman who tells Nils that he has a blue flower teapot as a power animal, the twists and turns on his journey lead him on a path of self-love that ends up helping him blossom into what he thought was impossible to find.

The song in the film is called “Blue” composed by Gregory Hubert. Gregory’s website is



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