Gertrud Niehaus: Dark Retreat in Germany

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dark retreat 


Gertrud Niehaus

Stays in complete darkness were used in all spiritual traditions, to attain enlightenment. In Europe different tunnel networks are known as spaces of initiation through the darkness. In Egypt, in Rome and at the Dead Sea it was caves.

Caves represent the Earth Mother and their power lines. 

The cave symbolizes immortality and an inner alchemical room. 
The darkness in which you spend a few days and nights, altered sensory perception. Feelings and sensations is amplified. Dreams become clearer and it comes quite naturally, deep self-knowledge. Also, set a mental regeneration and calming of the energy flow. The darkness takes us back to our true selves and we are reunited with our divinity within us. We are to “electromagnetic conductors” of universal energy.
For me personally the stay meant in the dark a breakthrough from the prison of limiting programs and arriving at myself. I could learn who dies only fear and behind it frees the true nature. Depth inner silence, light and peace remain. 

The dark retreat will take place in my house in a completely dark apartment. There is a daily conversation in which the symptoms occur and psychological situations are analyzed and if necessary deepened by appropriate exercises and made aware.
Highly recommended is a longer Aufendhalt, at least 7 days with an hour of counseling per day. 

The fee is 150, – € per day.

Registration: Institute for Natural Therapy Tel. (05854) 96 99 77 Fax. 96 99 90 

Registration takes place at remittance of an advance over 200 €

The book Dark therapy by Holger Kalweit published in Koha Verlag.


Christian was 5 times with me in the dark, each for 7, 10, 10, 10 and 9 days.


Why did you choose the dark ???


I make quite a few years of meditation and have to be able to make an impression with mediation only small steps. There was the peculiarity that I have heard in a convent by another person from the darkness. This possibility I felt immediately addressed. Then I want me equal decided in the darkness if there is such as a possibility. I then clarified for me the deals that exist in Germany to be able to make a dark retreat and I have then decided to ask for Gertrud with you.


What experiences were the essence for you?


My main experience were: a whole new dimension to experience, a very, very high intensity and the encounter with the personal fear. It was very, very large. But was simultaneously with the feeling of fear as an experience of perfect Worn one. Those were the first experiences. There are also meetings I Ever had not known before.


What not you knew before?


The special first experience was about 3 days after which a permanent light was reflected. I wondered what this light should be. It appeared in different intensities at different locations in space and different lengths. You then informed me what it might be. The second experience that I could make was that I experienced a complete renewal of the body. There was virtually outside an animal, which has supported this in the room to light in my heart, and from there it is radiated into the whole body. It was an incredibly intense feeling and I felt the same time a very strong ties. This closeness I felt with the light in the outside and the light inside. Another strong sense was the closeness to the earth. This culminated in a flurry of beautiful images of the Earth, volcanoes, mountains, large waterfalls. It ran in 3D from in front of me while I was mittendrinn. Feels that went long on for 1 day. Then came a long period of silence. In this silence, it was like a ringing of all these high-energy experience. I must emphasize that the individual discussions with you Gertrud, it was very helpful to be able to deal with these experiences and they can also act.
The experience seemed very in the following everyday.


What motivated you the Retreat to do it again?


That was a clear feeling from the inside, I have to do it. Experience in the previous 5 retreats were always different. At 2 times there was a high exchange of experiences of great concern. I dreamed of quite terrible battles and did not know how to get it. It was a great fight. All sorts of demons haunted me and still I managed somehow to get it. Much dissolved during sleep. In conversation with you it became even clearer that I’m only into the light when I accept all the demons, fears and struggles. It was a very nice experience, but originally it made me very afraid.
When 2.Retreat I had large glowing experiences. There were picture phenomena with much color. There were female deities who were incredibly touching in its beauty and with all the colors. Then it changed again to a bright, silent lights. This was a very great experience for me.


You have to know both the bright, beautiful Female and the dark demonic.


Yes, it has taken on my everyday life a great impact. I have much more intense meditating than usual. The design of everyday life has also changed. I wanted rather creative moments and implemented in everyday life. Also, I can still revive the creativity different. It played Beauty and creativity at this time a great role for me.

Supplement to personal experience of Dunkelretreats:

The essential in the 3rd Retreat was the experience of people who are known to me and I could suddenly see images of these people in the sky in the form of clouds and light design changes. This was a great feature for me. Which reminds me great insight was given into the souls of people in a very short time, which was monstrous effective for me and I therefore to understand their fates differently.

Another experience was a dream full of suffering. Suddenly, I look to the side and there was a figure. This figure was revealed to me as my inner observer. I looked through the eyes of the observer in this suffering and it was there, but no longer hurt it. The suffering was there, but it has caused no pain in me. In conversation with you it became clear to me that I met my inner observer. I look. In his view, to the suffering, it is there, but it does nothing to me In the clarity he had disappeared after dark, but in a weakened form, he has remained and was more effective in everyday life.

This viewing of suffering from the observer position was without emotion but with compassion.

This time in the dark, I can learn a very great peace and quiet. I felt completely different familiar than the other times with the darkness. There was much less afraid. It came up very much personal issues. I thought, now it is almost therapeutic. It was about personal fears, primal experiences. It was about how far I’ve processed it and to what extent hindered me much today. A change was followed by wearing it differently, the darkness, the answers by themselves came out of the darkness and the answers I have been aware of. The answers flowed formally as bright energy in my body and I could fully accept the painful moments of my life. Also, I can see that all this is part of my life. Big Peace turned on.

Thanks for the conversation!!!!