Swarupapriya: meditation in the dark

meditating in the dark can sometimes bring  the same results of a shortish version of dark retreat. Swarupapriya speaks of her discovery of the blessings of darkness meditations and her suggestions for others to experience.



Uploaded on Nov 7, 2011

At thirteen, I decided to overcome a fear of the dark by forcing myself to look deeply into it meditatively.

What happened as a result of that impromptu darkness meditation was not only an intense release of the fear, but also, a beautiful darshan of Maha Kali- the Hindu Dark Mother Goddess, herself.

From then on, my understanding of life, individuality, religion and meditation has grown and expanded beyond anything I could have imagined before.

This video, and the story of the meditation within it, is for anyone interested in overcoming the fear of darkness, and anyone seeking a connection with Kali Ma. Continue reading