Martin: three days in the dark

Martin’s three days in the dark is a wonderful read.  published 22 March 2016

see the whole original post here  and english translation here.


handsholdingHi Peter, my experience of the three-day stay in the dark for me was really special. In retrospect, I feel as if I had stepped out of an express train everyday life. In the darkness suddenly erased all sense of time and one of the senses – sight. Because I really missed nothing much to expect, so I had nothing but pleasant experiences unexpected.

The time spent inside, I used meditation to improve, which will certainly succeeded, and it happened to many other interesting things. I started having dreams, I went beautifully calm and relaxed. I felt at home there eventually, I enjoyed a burst of joy, happiness, gratitude, compassion and understanding. Much more I appreciate the ordinary things that make me happy right now. It changed my outlook on life, on me and on my very neighborhood, the better.

I very much appreciate the comfort that he was there, thank you Peter for everything you’ve done for me, shoved me that one step further on my journey through life. It was a sincere and intimate experience when I left so I was from that of all to cry. Thank you.