Barry Spendlove: A Healing Darkness, Wales

These retreats with Barry Spendlove look wonderful. The next Healing Darkness event is

5pm December 16th – afternoon of December 21st at Dao Centre Colwyn- pre-requisite Fusion of the Five Elements
. There are darkroom retreats in January 2017 that are open to everyone

Here is an extract. For full and original text, go to Healing Tao Britain.

In the dark, it doesn’t take long before boundaries dissolve. All the fears we have concerning the dark vanish as we discover so much vitality, clarity and inner light. b.s. 09

How suitable is Tao Centre Colwyn for this type of deep spiritual practice?

barry spendlove

barry spendlove

Tao Centre Colwyn is my home, it overlooks the Irish Sea and is built on a terrace that was formed by mining the Limestone. A cliff (going up) with a thick quartz seam is behind the house.

The house is made from blocks of stone, (some of which are close to a metre square) that were mined here. 120 years ago the house would have been under ground and the stone retains the memory. The house and its environs have a sense of deep belonging and unity.

healing darkness 2When the windows are completely sealed from light the house has the resonance of a deep cave, but one with bathroom facilities, hot water, warmth and comfortable chairs and beds. Alchemy has been practiced in the house for the last 18 years and the local spirits and devas are most supportive. I have had the feeling for

daoist shamanic alchemy .014some years that there was a cave or caves here before the mining operation. Most natural caves are formed in Limestone, there are many in this area. Some (12 miles away) have been excavated and the bones of Mammoth, Straight Tusked Elephant, Lion, Bison, Giant Elk, Hippo and Rhino were found along with bones of early Neanderthal Man (230,000 years give or take the odd millenium or 3).

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