this site is archived – with occasional post

NOTE: this website is now archived for information and enjoyment.
it is currently managed by myself, Marion.
Al To was the researcher, open to ALL flavours of darkroom retreating, to be openminded. once the website and facebook groups were established, to welcome ALL, then Al To could bow out.
as for myself, i am interested only in Hygienic Darkroom retreating.


Our society is not a restful and peaceful and regenerative and sustainable place.  Stupidity is rampant. a darkroom retreat environment plus one enthusiastic adventurer i.e. ourselves, is a winning combination. we might just emerge from our stupor into our best ‘rest of our lives’.
Also quite likely, is a regaining of our youthful vigor – pure intelligence. even perhaps an ability to make use of this renewing for our very best happiness! Regardless of our age! For all of us, for you, for your loved ones, your communities if not for yourself, join us for the ride. we are all of us welcome to dip our toes in the darkroom.

We have done what we set out to do on this site. that is:
to inform ourselves of the melatonin and darkroom research, it’s history and predecessors, associations; to gather the stories of darkroom experiences; to create a list of the presently existing facilities worldwide.  we will leave the site up for all and any to use freely as a resource. 

  • Call to Action
    please explore this site. There is so much here to read that is so wonderfully interesting and vital.  It has thrilled each of us to have learnt so much, to have read each personal story and to have unearthed each of the 30 or so darkroom retreat facilities.
  • Share / Like our facebook page Darkroom Retreaters Friendly Society

If you want to contact real people, go the the facebook group and contact one of the active members there.

We wish you well dear readers. We will post Updates below, as they happen.

from the editor, alto and friends  –   nov 2016


sunday 1 jan 2017: on this day was established the Global Trust for Hygienic Darkroom Retreats
Read the Prospectus and updates.

Download the Prospectus

later in jan:  we, alto and friends concluded work on this website, www.DarkRoomRetreats.comwe each resume our individual – our unholy giddy drunken adventures, just kidding – our individual interest in darkroom retreating. some of our purposes being in no particular order:

  1. to advance the cause of broadcasting the essential requirements for successful  darkroom retreating – the simple, specific elements proscribing the physical space and the supportive environment required for optimum benefit;
  2. to enable interested folks to access experienced darkroom retreaters and their personal stories and practical info and networking via an online forum.

june 2017

this site is archived. there is no one here to contact. go to the facebook group instead. and speak to one of the members there. introduce yourself.

the best and most useful and up-to-date information for yourself and others is to go to Andrew Durham’s website and download his book.

what do you think dear reader?

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