Bret and Karel: Wizards at Chlistov Czech R

staying in the darkBřetislav and Karel are the wizard folks who facilitate a retreat in Chlistov, Klatovy Czech Republic. 

Wizards therapy darkness Klatovy

Břetislav Votrubec – graduate of the University of Chemical Technology, Department of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry. After 12 years of working in a slaughterhouse has been a strict vegetarian for 20 years. Dedicated to the health, vitality, Jungian depth psychology, as well as quantum and particle physics, modern cosmology, independent nutrition.

Karel Trnava – originally trained as a chef whose life is turned into spiritual planes. He stayed in Thailand and received certification as a Thai masseur. Today is a vegan and lover of truly independent healthy diet. He stayed in China.

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Staying in the dark, silence and solitude

is in line with our repeated experience one of the routes into the depths of our soul , our self-knowledge, self-determination, sebeorientace. Stop in time, enter the total personal presence .
Many have already suspects or believes he knows that only the conscious presence: I am here and now , allowing the harmony of our material and spiritual forms, their interplay, being mysterious game. The possible metamorphosis of depression and confusion to harmony and happiness. Reduction of suffering.

Staying in the dark, silence and solitude – Therapy darkness – there is no work, and internal discipline . Starting inner journey is not a tablet button, joint, glass, fast sex … So quick and convenient that way. Especially the first three days of stay in the darkness, silence and solitude, where we literally crushes and tortures dissolving the EGO , feel the need for personal discipline.

Staying in the dark, silence and solitude is not virtual reality.

Everything in the darkness you experience is only and only on your “own head” and for you . The product of your psyche, mind, soul. Voice or light from your unconscious realm of consciousness and connection with the cosmic consciousness or continuum universal creative intelligence, God, the Creator, Being, collective unconscious …… (more synonyms certainly discover)

In the process of therapy dark, sensory deprivation, everything boiled as the alchemical crucible of medieval alchemists seekers Keystone sages and metamorphosis lead to gold, on a symbolic level the transformation of animal dark underworld of archetypes in human – evolutionarily enlightened by the Spirit, the creative intelligence of the Universe, Being, oneness, Creator, First source, Absolute consciousness, God, etc.

Not to treatment with an effort at the time to improve the state from worse to better, or not to stay or experiential seminar.Therefore unsuitable for hunters, for collectors experiences and spiritual tourists.

We offer only and just environment for your own initiation , where up to know the result of improvement in the perception of oneself, the surrounding reality, changing the scale of values, increase self-esteem, psychosomatic overall shift, the possibility of finding a sense of inner happiness.

You have this chance to learn and experience the sensation cyclical, rhythmic kairos time and the subsequent recognition of synchronicities, or concurrence of occurrence of external events beyond causality, the logic of cause and effect in touch with your subjective state here and now. This has started and will remain forever in the future, disappear!

Thus conceived experience – one week of therapy darkness – will give you up to twice as much in an environment with external impulses and influences where you constantly distracted by something, and it detaches themselves cheat, cheat. Mind inertia is constantly looking for all sorts of stimuli – work. That’s why we have room to stay in the dark structurally and technically edited with maximum acoustic transmission loss for the deepest possible experience.

You will get much better somatic (physical) pluses. The pineal gland , unpaired mysterious gland, located behind the “third eye” between the hemispheres, producing among other things, the hormone melatonin to regulate sleep-wake rhythm, it will work better in your rhythm. It found that the influence eg. The lighting and sound smog modern world operates on a cyclical function of the pineal gland and the resulting incomplete and the visited chaotizovaná function can be one of the causes of many diseases of civilization. If you endure absolutely without any lights that would pineal immediately in the dark activate the activity decreases your example. Cholesterol, homocysteine, body weight, disappear symptoms of stress and any neurosis, you significantly better and long sleep, sexually remember the time when you were 20, you can meet and compare the fear of death, to get rid of the trauma of birth and others.

In the process of therapy darkness is great individual chance to experience near-death experience, see e.g. CG Jung, R. Moody, S. Grof, E.Tolle without actual physical trauma, without the risk of alteration of consciousness, but with an enormous spiritual qualitative shift.

Bret ran memories before his eyes, as in a comfortable cinema, retro movie life. Memories that long ago forgot goes up to the actual birth, separation from mother in hospital and still wrapped in a kind of binders indifferent sister snitching to the beneficial mother’s breast only at certain hours and at the appointed time, he decided to sort of medical disease brains,
not him and mother … the first deportation to school, first day of school … watched without any emotional drama as a dispassionate observer. Just wondering, wondering (what, in the head and there is nothing is not lost) and everything was true. No fancy delusion or dream.

Who personally experienced clinical death experience near or studied eg. The above-mentioned authors and others know that this retrospective takes his own life in a real clinical trauma significantly faster from seconds to minutes.

In parallel, the second of our pairs Kaja, who will care about you, never any reminiscence and memories of the most ordinary and powerful experiences of his life had. Conversely he lived and met a very strong mysterious archetypal experiences from the time of his stays in forest monasteries in Thailand, spiritual encounter with the abbot of the Thai forest monastery, where the abbot was wise utterance chanted the monks drawn between them, right in front of an abbot approached something … experiences accompanied to intolerable force bliss, love, light and connection with a continuum of Universe “I am all that is and what is not” …..

Technical conditions of stay


absolute, windowless room is separated by a special tight door from the hallway, where a small refrigerator and also absolute darkness. Other special corridor door into the reception area. See. photo gallery.


Relative to the house 180 years old stone-brick 90 cm thick walls implanted very structurally and technically sophisticated sandwich. Přizdívky on rubber bands, elastic suspension ceiling, floating contactless floor. The best acoustic materials.E.g. among others in a sandwich is five to five-layer cardboard plates. The overall composition supersendviče is our secret.Human ear, the brain (mind) looks at deprivation of any external stimulus and minds of their work, which is set by our birth, it is very ingenious tool.
After a lifelong “struggle” with the sound of music lovers (hi-fi audio listening room) presently tune the last 3%, ie in the high-end. Absolute silence (hyperbole) is our goal, though we know it does not exist in a vacuum (vacuum if it exists at all).Let alone in the material world, where gravity pulses.


You have a chance for the first time in my life to be truly alone, you can spend a really peaceful introspection. Potential communication orally or in writing – leaf on a refrigerator in the hallway or bag with the used dishes.


Ductwork used the best materials available on the European market. Silent cooling fans located outside the building manages industrial microcomputer which receives signals from a sensor CO2 (carbon dioxide concentration), which monitors and regulates air quality in the room.
Everything is of course backed up such sensitive hardware computer systems.
There are hidden three percentages given fight with silence . Moving air and the baffle is large Alchemy. Like good music when you can listen to your favorite music on the amplifier for 3000 or beyond three hundred thousand. Here, on the way to “absolute” silence working continuously. But if the human ear receives frequencies that are called. Indifferent, thus it can not analyze brain is what causes what is behind them as a source ceases to perceive them.


Provide glass-ceramic ceiling panels see. (they are completely silent, nelupkají, crack, necvakají) and adjust according to your needs, regulation silent silent sensor. Whenever you like to add or delete because the body under the kairos and the full function of the pineal gland and melatonin has an unpredictable individual needs physical comfort. Additionally, you do not know in advance how you move, walk, exercise or just meditate and rest. It will always be a little different than the idea before entering into the darkness. Therefore, do not plan anything !!! The presence of all shows.


See photo gallery. Bedding, blanket, toilet paper, soap, towels, shower gel, refrigerators, etc.

Contact with guides during their stay in the darkness, silence and solitude

by appointment at the onset. We bring food in the form of “big breakfast” irregularly once in 24 hours. Thus you lose the sense of linear time, chronos. Build in the hallway to your refrigerator. We knock three times, if you wish to be informed about the delivery of food and wait about half a minute in the dark corridors, in case your current needs of oral communication. If anything, we’re leaving.
It is possible, according to the agreement, Netuka, you will pick up a meal to suit your needs. You can be completely undisturbed and without contact.
You’re not locked in, but you can lock yourself. The security lock is unlockable sides but we always have and we can access from the outside, eg. If necessary natural disaster, war, plane crash etc.
Do not feel like incarceration, you are free. In case of last resort available to you to guide bell. Training, familiarization, and all the necessary information at the beginning.
The communication and sharing with guides takes place after staying in the dark form of conversation when you will pay for unlimited periods. We believe and we will do everything to leaving with a maximum processing his experience to good use to it then its better physical, mental growth and potential expansion of awareness and understanding of the potential of transcendent insight …

What to bring?

Comfortable loose clothing made from natural fibers, pocket knife (Tatranky are sometimes sealed so ….), flashlight for emergency (you must pour the soup into a bed), a toothbrush and toothpaste, the other is available, and of course the most important: amulet, talisman, your item personal popularity, musical instrument, stone, pendant, teddy bear, doll, old photographs … in darkness and silence greatly amplifies the sense of touch. Energy between your “sacred” object and your fingers will just flow.

Specific recommendations

clear favorite sleeping bag. Although you will have a good, warm bedding, spare blanket in a bag zalezení enhance archetypal sense of security, distance, shelter, a cave house in the house, cocoon, stay on high ground, “outlook”, which protects. May even emerge memories of prenatal and perinatal your entry into tangible forms, that is to stay in the womb of your mother, the first sensations in this world in a transitional oceanic environment amniotic fluid. If you retain small light observer, viz. such work. Grof S., E. Tolle, CG Jung, CJ Calleman, P. Russell, C. Bezděk, Vogeltanz V. et al., keep a long time in a lucid positive state of conscious dreaming, which is very very empowering.

Here we got around to the goal yangtiku, stay in the darkness, silence and solitude. Can you handle a better understanding of the human perspective retracted bad memories and reality from the moment of conception to the present day, which you in good faith inflicts neighborhood, defragment, decompensate, empty the bag of experiences that you have collected.Symbolically speaking, finally a great chance to react to light, Lucifer – Torchbearer (Světlopřinašeče) – consciously step to own the light of a broader consciousness, understanding.
You can find your inner happiness and the reduction of suffering.


We are looking for good friend, a yin component to our team.

That would enable us to fully assist with the care of clients in the dark. 14 days a month. And while they found a huge space for themself. An alternative way of life, subsistence, independent.

The person should pass priori staying in the dark and find out that they would like to participate in this process helpfully. They should have an affinity for  unspoilt nature of the Šumava foothills, to the inner contemplative growth, ability to be creative. Simply otherwise be directed to their way of life

Suitable skills?
Empathy, psychological intuition, skill in food preparation. Guess what it means to love unconditionally. Here and Now.


what do you think dear reader?

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