Mario and Vasek: Terapie Tmou, Kolaje Czech R

mario vasek terapie tmou

Mario and Vasek own and manage this facility, operated within a specially designed walled house, which is only used for this purpose. 

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Besides the three darkened rooms. Rooms are equipped with orthopaedic mattress, hypoallergenic pillows and duvets, yoga mats and Indian musical instrument. Each room has its own bathroom. The price of stay is from 4500Kč / week.

domek_001_1024x100000Why Darkness Therapy

Therapy helps darkness on both physical and mental and emotional level. What will happen in the dark, it is always very individual. What is important is that it creates ideal conditions for us to solve many. Today, we work a lot on the masculine principle, therefore our body and mind solves what is acute or current moment. Uber However, if 70% of the initial information we receive vision, get a chance to solve it, what in everyday life is not the time.

How Does the Therapy Darkness

On the day of arrival is needed to arrive at 15.00 (possible otherwise). We’ll talk in our cozy tearoom, shows you the space, you get food, and then you have to when you turn off and plunge into the darkness. Every day we come to the consultation, and bring fresh food and herbal tea. Do we enter the darkness of both rules, but if you want to solve a particular day with only one of us, you can ask us about it (the women are sometimes reluctant to share sensitive sexual issues in the presence of a man …).


Terapie tmou

The last day you we wake up again and spend a moment in the tearoom. Then you still have time to pack, hygiene and adaptation 🙂 It is possible that after leaving the darkness will not be able to drive right, you can be transported on the train or you can spend time walking in the beautiful Elbe Valley. Also teahouse is available to sit if needed.

In the dark you are locked from the outside, so you no interruptions, but the inside is possible at any time to leave and stay quit or interrupt. For exceptional situation in the room a lamp that can shine.

Food Therapy During Darkness

Meals in the dark is vegan or vegetarian (everything is by appointment). Cook homemade meals of quality food dopěstovaných in the region. In the dark you can even fasting. However, I recommend that only experienced “půstařům” or experienced “tmářům”. Both processes are very strong, so it is not appropriate to combine with beginners.


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