Being Human: Darkness Retreat Sweden

sille_profile (1)Sille from Being Human is offering s scheduled darkroom retreat.  Embrace the darkness of the late autumn in a still, secluded part of the beautiful, Swedish nature. Join us for the opportunity to experience nature as it slowly prepares for winter.

Darkness Retreat  Nov. 24-27 2016


DKK 5.350         AUS 1,068.84      US 815.97

Go to Sille’s site for full details.

Be sure to apply for this retreat before purchasing. See more in the description of the retreat.
After purchasing the Darkness Retreat you will receive all further information you are going to need about the trip. Additional travelling to and from Sweden can be planned and organized with Being Human.
We are looking forward to retreating with you 🙂

sille_profile (1)The main drive in my work as a coach and connector is my natural curiosity and desire to inspire the connectedness, mojo and aspirations of others. I love exploring different people’s uniqueness, weirdness, dreams and challenges in close interaction with them.

For me, every meeting is about creating the space for the person to be him – or herself. To explore the basic drive, sensitivity and joy – and to walk towards a sustainable, meaningful and beautiful life.

Max. 12 participants.

The retreat includes:

  • full board (all meals included)
  • accommodation and equipment
  • guidance in meditation and survival

– Sille Lundquist. Coach, meditation trainer and founder of Being Human


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