Blanka Ťopková: Jesenice Osnice Czech R

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJGAAAAJGYyMjEwMzU3LTJlMzEtNDEzMy05ZGQ1LTZjMjYxNDIyMTFjYgBlanka Ťopková fulfilled her darkroom retreat with Bret and Charles. And later began offering her darkness service to others in her home.


Blanka’s site

Therapy darkness belongs to archaic methods of self-knowledge . Continuous night means a radical confrontation with himself. Darkness in which one stays alone for one to seven weeks, is used as a means to return to mental and transpersonal processes.

Therapy darkness applied longer need John of Luxembourg in her small son Vaclav (Charles IV), when his mother took him and shut him two months into the dark dungeons of the castle Loket. He says he benefited and later developed his visionary powers.

In various forms, it can be found in various indigenous cultures throughout the world, for example. Rituals Colombian shamans – stay in a dark hut, cave therapy Etruscans and others. Staying in the dark is certainly an interesting experience. It is not an experience seminar, so nothing for a publicity seeker or an incredible experience.

Its practical benefits are clear heightened sense of self , return to your own heart ,encounters with imaginary beings , deceased, luminous characters, natural forces and under . Staying in the dark is used for the opening of the astral body and gives one insight into your inner self . Thoughts gradually leaving one after another, to stay just with themselves.It will help you calm the mind, get rid of anxiety, even Disease ( “dunkelterapie” is used in the prevention of cancer disease, cerebral vascular events, cardiovascular diseases, but diabetes and obesity). You can develop your inner experiences that are otherwise suppressed stay in the dark contributes to personal problems as well as regeneration.

Pineal gland , unpaired mysterious gland, located behind the “third eye” between the hemispheres, producing among other things, the hormone melatonin to regulate sleep-wake rhythm, it will work better in your rhythm. It found that the influence eg. The lighting and sound smog modern world operates on a cyclical function of the pineal gland and the resulting incomplete and the visited chaotizovaná function can be one of the causes of many diseases of civilization. If you endure absolutely without any lights that would pineal immediately activated in the dark of the business, reduce your example. Cholesterol, homocysteine, you will be much better and sleep late, you can meet and compare the fear of death, to get rid of the trauma of birth and others.

Staying in the dark – it is a total sensory isolation deprimace – sit alone in total darkness without sounds.

This practice exists in Tibet, it is one of the practices  Tao in Buddhism and is known in many tribal cultures .  After a few days in absolute darkness, the images inside the head come out, and they are as real as reality. This practice gives huge expansion of perception. As the biochemistry of the brain – as long residing in the dark causes accumulation of melatonin.  In the next stage starts  pinolin  – pineal gland eliminates endogenous inhibitor (beta-carboline) enzyme MAO – an enzyme that breaks melatonin.Ve phase pinolinu MAO inhibited by melatonin and pineal begins synthesize pinolin, and the subsequently   5-MeO-DMT, which again does not degrade MAO (because it is inactivated), so that the 5-MeO-DMT (as “akašon”) pineal begins synthesize  DMT . That is when the images out of your head literally begin to move beyond the skull – in the exact sense of the word.  This is the place where dreams meet – soon …

How does it look TECHNICALLY?

Day 1-3 –  Phase melatonin  – Phase waking dream 

Day 3-5 –  Phase pinolinu  – The first vision, astral travel

Day 6-8 –  Phase 5 – MeO-DMT  – slowly open the inner eye, enhances telepathy, intuition

Day 9-12 –  Phase DMT  – Vision louder opens perception of alternative worlds and parallel realities. Some speak of ultraviolet and infrared vision in this state. Decrease need for sleep – sleep comes as yoga or meditation while maintaining continuous consciousness.

Staying in the dark of my experience is one of the routes into the depths of our soul, our self-knowledge. Not without work and internal discipline.

Self-awareness in the darkness and solitude has great power and importance not only for spiritual practitioners, but also for the modern consumer, in a materialistic matrix trapped man.


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