Darkroom Retreats Radio



6 thoughts on “Darkroom Retreats Radio

  1. Olena dit :Coucou les filles !Pareil, j’adooooooorais ma Thé Box ! J’attend avec impatience la suivante car celle d’octobre est presque vide. Il ne me reste à tester que les….bonbons de thv3©#8230;&#82&0;.DeÃant lequelles je reste perplexe comme Marie…..Je crois qu’on les met dans la théière, rien de compliqué, mais je ne suis pas encore franchi le cap Bisous les filles et bon thé du dimanche !


  2. I would say go 3D only if you can also do IMAX. The animation is really fantastic and its worth it to see The Lorax in the biggest, boldest way possible, but if you can’t do IMAX I wou7#n&d821l;t pay the extra price just for 3D. Hope that helps 🙂 Happy reading!


  3. guau …I am very interested in your 41 day retreat in silence and darkness. I went to the 13 day retreat in darkness, where beautiful things happened.
    I cannot just imagine all the wonderful things that will arise from this.
    Please inform me as to the agenda and price for the above as soon as possible.
    Thank you


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