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editor’s note: this is a google translation of extracts from the website:   google translations are good enough to understand everything.
Stay in the Dark provides such full information.  it seems so well organised,so well built and provides the necessary services. much of the information comes from the hosts. and much of the information comes from the retreatants. from the information i can garner from other darkroom facility websites, they seem to pale in comparison with Stay in the Dark. yet that might only be a lack of information. even so, the comparitive lack of information pre-visit might indicate a lesser level of in house nurturing conditions for the retreatant. if one is travelling more than a few hours, information is vital, as well as easy contact with the factilitators. i do not know. you have to decide for yourselves.

My Incomplete LIst of Criteria

– Stay in the Dark receives 5 stars for every criteria below – they say “According to us, staying in the dark is only a stay in the dark, nothing more, nothing less.” – that is brilliant, so good.

preparations ease: booking ease: contact ease:

individual requirements: non religious: non spiritual: a softly-spoken, committed and present guide/assistant: the retreatant’s vehicle is safe:

ventilation: sound insulation: temperature insulation: toxin-free: odor-free:

food: bed comfort: room comfort: all systems work: contact with guide/assistant:

CZ Léčba tmou- Tomáš a Lenca Roudovi

Tomas Roud

Stays in the Dark by Lenko and Tomas

According to us, staying in the dark is only a stay in the dark, nothing more, nothing less.

Likewise, the contribution for staying in the dark is entirely voluntary.

We have no conditions for staying, you can come alone or in a couple for 3 nights and a month. We do not go to any religion or technical or spiritual school. We are for freedom and love.

Welcome to the site for a quiet stay, stay in the dark, sometimes called dark therapy. We rely on 70% of our eyesight, and we pay much attention to the world. To solve personal problems, you need to look inside us and turn off “classic” eyesight. Dark Therapy is performed in a shade that is absolutely dark. Thus, staying in the dark helps to connect more with its higher self , with its personal divinity (intelligence, light, source) that can solve our problems . While staying in the dark does not solve the symptoms, but they pull out the problems with the roots .

“Do not see for the eyes” is our motto on the path to self-knowledge.

On these pages you will find both stays in the dark at Kutná Hora and you will find also the experience of practitioners.

Staying in the dark is good for anyone who feels that darkness is the right choice for him.

We have no conditions for staying, you can come alone or in a couple for 3 nights and a month. We do not go to any religion or technical or spiritual school. We are for freedom and love.


The last experience of practitioners in the dark

Stay in the dark in the cottage for peace of mind and body 16.9.2018 You can choose different ways and spaces to stay in the dark. Someone closes in a damp cellar with a darkened window, someone occupies a bathroom for a week, and someone else chooses a deep cave. All these and other spaces are suitable for the stay in the dark, and most for those practitioners who are in such a space. Stay in the dark in …

Tomáš – darkness therapy is the most consciously spent time 9.9.2018 It’s been a couple of years back when I first learned about dark therapy and I was very interested. At that time I was, but was not ready to stay in the dark, and the idea gradually disappeared. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been feeling that my strenuous lifestyle (manager, athlete) has been hampered and I have never connected with my everyday habits with pleasure …

Petr – I stayed in the dark till today 19.8.2018 I wish a beautiful day together and send greetings to Tomáš and Lence! Memories of Staying in the Dark Doing a few rows of stay in the dark that I did last year was not necessary at first. Everything was natural and peaceful. I perceived this as the next step in my life, which I get further, and it was not so big to hand it over or reflect it. …

Michal – Staying in the dark helped me to do things with my heart 28.7.2018 My friend mentioned my stay in the dark. I have not heard of him for a long time, and nothing has begun to “throw” big wits. Suddenly there was talk of darkness treatment. I enjoyed it, and I began to think about it and to pretend my girlfriend to react to it. On my stay in the dark with my girlfriend …

Lída – everyone goes to stay in the dark for yours 17.7.2018 Hi, Tom 🙂 send you greetings to both of you in Lomca and a nice memory … I keep rolling in my head what to write and how to evaluate it so it does not seem to me strange 🙂 Stay in darkness is a beautiful process Clearly beautiful process. We all go to stay in the dark for my … I left in a sense of cleansing, softening, lightening and in …

Karel – second stay in the dark is deeper 30.6.2018 When I went to stay in the dark for the second time, I knew what to expect. I’ve been enjoying my stay since the first minute – just as the cabin door closed behind me and I turned off the light, my mind began to overwhelm fantastic scenes, surrealistic animations, almost psychedelic visions that I entered, lost in …

Zuzana – last day of stay in the dark was the most important 30.4.2018 Dear hosts, Lenko and Tomas. Thank you very much for doing what you are doing. And that you are doing so well. Staying in the dark with you was a very special experience for me, I learned about myself and things I did not want. But you too are important. And I also relaxed. One of the finest holiday …

Šárka – I enjoyed nothing in the dark in the dark 4.4.2018 Hello Lenko and Tomas, it’s been almost two months in the dark, and now I have been able to write a few lines. Before Day D came in January, I blushed all the descriptions of the people who were there before me and thought about how it would happen to me. Stay in the dark …

How is it in the dark 15.2.2018 Sometimes you ask us if you will not be cold in the shrine in the winter or very warm in the summer. Although we have already written that there is a heat pump at each sanctuary, which can heat it to 30 ° C in winter and cool to 18 ° C in the summer, we decided to show you how it is in the shrines right now. We Love Technology Though …

Trafficking in the Dark – Interview 23.1.2018 This picture is convenient to how some practitioners have a thought hurray in their minds 🙂 How can you read in the experiences of the darkness are practitioners who have an increased intensity of thoughts and others not again and all week enjoy themselves as if they were on a pink cloud. Type of practitioner to stay in the dark In principle, one can say that someone …

We receive questions from you, who we are, what we are, and whether we are the right guides for your stay in the dark. We would love to write here that we are no one, we are nothing nameless that he realizes he is and that he really enjoys being 🙂

Tomáš Klus has touched it in the song “Dno za den”
“I’m nothing to wear a costume.”
At the same time we are love, we are you, you come to a stay in the dark and we are you too.

In this life we are Tomas and Lenca
We love life, our children and we also love staying in the dark🙂

When you come to the darkness, we will not try to offer anything, we do not have the desire to give you something to have a better life, or to live well.

We are not more spiritual than you or anyone else, we are people who love life as it is. We are not enlightened, nor are we a guru from India who only wakes you up to consciousness.

Although it is not essential for your stay in the dark, let us introduce you something about us.

We were born in Most at the turn of 1977 and 1978 and entered the marriage in 1998.

Until 2014, we lived at the Ore Mountains in Litvínov and Horní Jiřetín, and now our life went to Kutná Hora to Lomka.

Currently (March 2017) we have 3 children and 4th blessings on the way we are waiting in July.

Children learn at home, so they do not go to school, we love the freedom of learning.

We attended several courses and techniques, visited temples in India and recognized beautiful people and places. And all this has guided us in the direction that the greatest treasure everyone has hidden in them.

We do not recognize any religion, although we are not atheists, so we respect freedom of religion.

We do not believe in positive thinking because the division into positive and negative does not make sense to us.

We love both the light and the dark side of the power, because life can be said to live fully upon the reception of the whole and not just its half.

We live, as Jarda Dušek says, the dream of a warrior, when we recognize ourselves and perceive that we are not the victim of the enemy’s universe, that everything is interconnected, and that the universe is one living being.

Although we often see and feel what you are experiencing and what specifically would help you, we usually stay back and wait until you ask ourselves because we believe you can not wake up a man who wants to sleep.

You will not hear from us that you are doing something wrong or that something is worthless because we know that everyone is just taking another step on his way through life, and that way is the goal, the present moment in which everything is happening.

We love freedom and we love discovering new things and getting to know new people.

We are very pleased to learn about the masculine and feminine principle of energy and thus to explore and enjoy the polarity between man and woman.

If you come to stay in the darkness to Kutná Hora, we will be glad if you come to another center, we will also like it and if you are not your time and you are not sure you can be absolutely calm.

All people grow to happiness and love, someone before, someone later, but once there will all

Friends, we wish you wonderful life and sometimes in the dark to see.

Tomáš a Lenča


Food (Strava) for Stays in the Dark

Lined vegetable dish

Lined vegetable dish

Vegetables with RAW mayonnaise to soak

Some participants in the dark prefer fasting only to water, others normally eat. It depends on everyone how it feels.

In the shrine, participants report that they have less need for food, that is, they eat less food than usual. Another factor is the refined taste that condemns the spicy foods. That’s why we always try to provide food with minimal spice and in such a combination that it tastes good and at the same time it can be eaten at dark therapy.

The food will taste you differently, mainly because you can not see it before you know what bite you have put into your mouth. The brain does not have the ability to compare the appearance of what to eat. Some participants in dark therapy do not even want to know what they got to eat to get it themselves 🙂

The meal is delivered once a day in the meals. Usually between 11 and 15 hours. We deliberately do not want to get used to you for a certain time, because the loss of the concept of time, meaning that you do not know exactly how many hours are, is a desirable helper in deepening contact with the higher self.

Attitude for a Stay in the Dark

  1. Good mood
  2. Good mood
  3. Good mood

Comfortable clothes and shower only with water, we strongly ask for eco shower gel, but only water is better.

The waste water from the plant is watering the garden.

What not to take with you to stay in the dark:

1) chemical shower gels and shampoos
2) steroids, hormonal contraceptives
3) chemical fragrances, antiperspirants and other chemical poisons

In the toilet, just throw toilet paper, we use special eco paper with enzymes.

Especially, ladies, we ask for the hygienic needs to be put in plastic bags for the purpose of the sanctuary


Utensils for food and drink
Bed linen and bed sheet
Toilet paper
Earphones, earplugs if you want absolute silence

Basic rules for a Stay in the Dark

1. I am an adult and I do not hinder me from staying in the dark in a windowless cottage, and I have decided voluntarily on my own free time to stay in the dark.
2. All the information I provide is true.
3. I do not suffer from any form of psychic illness such as claustrophobia, schizophrenia, manic-depression, etc., and I have never suffered.
4. I do not suffer from any illness, nor am I being treated with drugs that would prevent me from staying in the dark.
5. I have studied the website and I am acquainted with the details of staying in the dark through the site and / or in personal conversation.
6. I know that the stay in the dark is in utter darkness. The beginning of my stay in the darkness I decide to turn off the light and whenever I can turn the light or the garden cabin off again.
7. I undertake to immediately terminate my stay in the dark in the event of mental, psychological or physical problems or any other reason for terminating my stay in the dark.
8. I am not under the influence of narcotic or psychotropic substances and I undertake not to take them before the stay, during the lease or immediately after the termination.
9. I understand that premature termination of residence does not entitle me to a refund of the voluntary contribution even in a proportionate part.
10. I agree that I have 100% responsibility for my actions and my stay in the dark, and for any damages whatsoever for the deposited or deferred things, for any consequences or harm, both physical and psychological, possibly arising from my voluntary stay in the darkness of the cottage no claims for compensation, whether moral or financial towards the Guide, have been made.

listen to audios of the english translations of retreatants at Stay in the Dark with Lenko and Tomas:

28 mar 2017  to stay in the dark with straight legs

05 jan 2017  i found love, peace and happiness in the dark


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