sleep in a dark room every night

i remember the moment i realised that the darkroom retreat is not a one-off thing. i thought … of course. of course, why didn’t i realise that.

perhaps i was so used to thinking of retreats as something fashionable. usually expensive. difficult to find time for ….

darkroom is not a fashionable thing to do (there are thousands around the world), to say to your friends, family etc that you have done it eg  “i am going to a retreat in an exotic location “…..

rather, once one has done a retreat, thereafter one sleeps in a darkroom every night. so you have to darken your own bedroom and do other stuff such as provide a reliable constant air  source once you have blocked all light, you have also block airflow. you make your own bedroom dark – a darkroom.

and every now and again, you will want to do an increasingly longer retreat … starting with 12 hrs, on to 4 days, 8 days, 20 days, 40 days or long enough to fully restore.

electricity has changed our sleep – view of USA

Recommended Darkroom Schedules

Practical Research over 10 years by Andrew Durham
you can contact Andrew by email – see website


6 dark + 2 lit
Mon 18:00 – in
Sun 12:00 – out
Transition day 1. Uncover window, go outside to sit and walk, but still no communication or work
Sun 20:00 – in. Cover window.
Mon 12:00 – out. Transition day 2
Mon 20:00 – in. Cover window
Tues 12:00 – out and finished


3 dark + 1 lit
Mon 18:00 – in
Thur 12:00 – out
Transition day. Uncover window, go outside to sit and walk, but still no communication or work
Thur 20:00 – back in
Fri 12:00 – out and finished

Mini & Test the Room

20:00 – in
Lights off, in bed NO later than 20:00. Otherwise, cancel and begin again the next night.
In morning, wake up, go back to sleep, repeat
11:30 – wake up. Before seeing light, look for and fix light leaks from inside, and your supporter from outside.
12:00 – out, after maximum of 16 hours in, before going past point of no return in the cycle (dangerous).

Have your light blocking tools at the ready: Masking tape, electrical tape, some black fleece strips and patches, scissors, and skewer and table knife for stuffing fleece in cracks.

here are a few links. i googled “i sleep in a dark room every night”