testing the darkroom

last night, i spent my first night in the darkroom, testing it as it is nearing completion.

went in tue 6PM AEST (18 UTC)

came out 7AM AEST (07 UTC)

as i lay down to sleep, i seemed to have something biting me … i was hoping it wasn’t the EARTH Insulation.  a few days ago, i had stapled the insulation to the wall to test that i was not affected by it.






and in the morning, i easily saw the light streaming in where i have yet to finish of the build: cavity for  electrical cable, around front door where i have yet to block out.

so this morning i begin the last stages to the actual build. next stage will be to test /make/ fix all the systems: water; air; electricity; a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

light-proof exhast vent

air entry (coming the the external silencer)


from bedroom to the bathroom

european-style cabin. the wood came all the way from estonia. baltic spruce. it was grown properly and it was not poisioned, unlike australian pine.



the insulation, made of recycled glass apparently, is the tiniest bit itchy.
hope it stays that way – tiniest.  i have been handling the insulation all day, and so far, so good.

One thought on “testing the darkroom

  1. Marion, that insulation is not wool. It is fiberglass insulation. It just doesn’t have formaldehyde or colors. So of course you are itching. You have to take the same precautions with it: cover your skin, eyes, and have a breathing mask.


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