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about RESEARCH pages:     when i first heard the terms “dark/darkroom retreat”, i knew it was exactly that for which i had been keeping my ears open for many many years.  in wanting to deeply understand all that the term entailed, i went googling and searching. in continuing to add pages to this site, i am making sure that i am not missing out on any vital information before i do my first longish retreat. my discoveries are there for you also.  if i am discovering, i might as well share them with you.  i thank all of the people behind the websites where i have gleaned info. i have referenced your work with your link at the top ot the post/ page.  i have looked at many Buddhist and a few non-Buddhist sites:  1   2   3   4

and, inspired by buddha and krishnamurti,  made a page on bypassing the buddha: examine all practices and beliefs.


what do you think dear reader?

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