• this page is for reviews of  DIY materials and equipment and products you have used or bought for a DIY build/fit-out.   it is pointless to promote products here.  it is a good place for us to inform each other about materials, products we are using, have bought.  the idea is to inform each other, not to  promote products or companies.


please note: there will be no further reviews here. if the reviewer is critical, it is too upsetting for the businesses where the products were purchased. and i really have to agree with the businesses.   all attempts to communicate any problems should be attempted before writing a review. that is commonsense. and it is arrogant to write a review before all your concerns are communicated with the business owner, so that you give them a chance to respond. it is the kindest way. no review should be written before all communication is complete. all reviews will remain IN PRIVATE FORUMS – for members only.  

UPDATE  5 SEPT 2016 – the darkroom enthusiast who posted a review of some products has been banned from the forum.

UPDATE 6 SEPT 2016 –  we have decided to close the forum for several reasons

  • it is not being indexed by google sufficiently, we do not get any visitors
  • the forum backend is clunky,  is too difficult to make for members only
  • and the darkroom enthusiast who posted a product review thought that she had made the review private, when in fact it was public – this is unexceptable – mainly because the products were not given a fair review- very upsetting for the supplier and secondly, the clunky backend of the forum made it seem like the product review forum was private, when in fact it was public.

from alto   duvetyne is not yet available. updates asap.  july 19 2016

Black Cotton Duvetyne 300gsm.

http://www.theatricalsupplies.com.au/molton-fabric.html   Cloth Duvetyne

Duvetyne is an opaque, crease resistant, brushed cotton fabric that is suitable for curtains, backdrops and many masking applications .
It is also popular for budget sound control drapes and hire drapes.
  • 1 metre wide
  • 300 gsm
  • Flame retardant to AS 1530 Parts 2 & 3 (NDFR*)

  • Hire Cabins on Wheels

    cairns, australia




    Our high-quality range of Mobile Cabins have been designed and constructed with a range of features, including:

    • Air-conditioning
    • Fully insulated walls and ceiling
    • Security screens on windows and doors
    • Central internal lighting
    • Smoke alarm
    • Two double power points
    • TV and Phone/Internet outlets
    • Curtains
    • Vinyl floor coverings
    • Wooden deck with canopy over
    • Sensor security light
    • Corrugated iron roofing
    • Gutter and down-pipe
    • Modern neutral colours
    • 20m caravan lead to connect to power
    • Switchboard and safety fuses





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