Meditating for ‘Long Enough’

ed: It makes sense to me that if one wants to accelerate one’s realisation of one’s pure potential, one’s realisation of self, that meditating for ‘long enough’ is the way to go.

following is an extract. go here for the full original post about meditating for ‘long enough’ by Francis Ananda Love.  read ‘A Month at Samadi Cave by Lynn B.’

AnandaSitting-Smile60A Cave Yogi’s Prescription for Instant Liberation
by Francis Ananda Love  January, 2002

We have this great swirling spiritual marketplace, with lots of claims being made. It’s no wonder that many of us find it confusing.

When we actually dwell deeply, repeatedly and continuously in the sensations of emptiness, nothingness, “zero”, eventually we realize that all our “stuff” is gone, and never was who we are anyway.   Ego is now “zeroed out” — and here we sit, alive and peaceful.  It becomes rather obvious that there is no need or wish to let all that stuff back in — and then bang, we’re free!

Now, most meditators have been here before — nice quiet space, free of one’s “stuff” for awhile, etc. so why did it not liberate us at those times?  The answer is because we did not believe in it’s totality, only in its temporariness.  We got up from meditation feeling and thinking things like: “oh, that was so nice; I feel so much better, and certainly got rid of some of my stuff;  I’ll be glad when it is all gone — I wonder if that will ever happen.”

This exercise is not a one-hour nice morning or evening sitting such as that. This is steadily ongoing for 2-3 weeks, repeatedly creating, and dwelling in, that emptiness as often as possible; so it is no longer just a fleeting experience, but rather something we are actually absorbed in throughout our entire being, at a seemingly cellular level. We now experience and feel that this liberated sensation is actually our own self, because for 2-3 weeks we have done just one thing — steadily, firmly, repeatedly, and quite silently — let it all go. The resultant sensation is sorta like “Wow!! I did it — the stuff is really gone — it’s out, it’s finished — hey, I’m free — my true “I” is free!!”  This is one reason why yogis in all religions and traditions eventually seek solitude in such places as a cave, forest, desert, or mountains — for ongoing continuity right to the finish line!

Another big reason why we do not get to this point so easily, or remain there for very long when we do, is once again due to our absorption in sorrow and doubt. We are not accepting the perfection of the universe and all of creation, but instead feeling sorry for ourselves. and to do so is a denial of the mystery of creation itself. In depression, one cannot “dance” — literally and figuratively — except to the blues. Notice both of those emotions in such comments as: “I’ll be glad [=now in sorrow] when it is all gone — I wonder [=doubt] if that will ever happen.”  Basically, we have been postponing our own liberation until utopia, just like the entire world postpones world peace until utopia — which is that time in the distant future when all will be glorious.  The history of humanity has been fighting wars in an effort to get to utopia!  When will it stop postponing it’s liberation?  When we do.