The Hamilton Project: Open Approach to Dharma

ed: addressing practice and problems and solutions. well worth a read and listen.  i have also included at end Ross Buttner: Precarious Path Study.

Our blog is named in memory of Bill Hamilton, the founder of our lineage of Pragmatic Dharma. (ed: download bill’s book Saints and Psychopaths)

This blog is dedicated to the open and straightforward sharing of information about Dharma, meditation techniques, the jhanas and the stages of insight. The three of us (Owen, Clayton and Nick) usually hang out on the forums over at Kenneth Folk Dharma and recently started a podcast. We needed a decent place to host it, and so here we are.

NOTE 8/11/11: Nick nowadays hangs out more so at The Dharma Overground and The Hamilton Project Forum.

The Hamilton Project Podcasts: An Open Pragmatic Approach to Dharma

Hamilton Ep 04 The Arising and Passing Away 1

Hamilton Ep 05 The Arising and Passing Away 2

Hamilton Ep 06 The Arising and Passing Away 3

Hamilton Ep 07 The Dukkha Nanas 1-Tales Of The Dark Night

Hamilton Ep 08 The Dukkha Nanas 2-Navigating The Dark Night

Hamilton Ep 09 From Equanimity To Stream Entry 1

Hamilton Ep 10 From Equanimity To Stream Entry 2

Hamilton Ep 11 From Equanimity To Stream Entry 3-Outtakes

Hamilton Ep 12 Riding The Jhanic Arc 1-From the 1st Nana to 8th Jhana

Hamilton Ep 13 Riding the Jhanic Arc 2-From the 1st nana to 13th Pure Abode

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Ross Buttner

Challenges (and Solutions) on the Buddhist Path    here

Buttner-PrecariousPathSeeking Research Participants    here

Have you ever experienced significant challenges or difficulties related to your Buddhist practice?

I am currently looking to interview current and past Buddhist practitioners in an attempt to understand the range of obstacles faced in Buddhist practice. I’m also interested in how these challenges have been resolved or overcome.

In addition to contributing to research that may benefit other practitioners, your participation may offer insight into your relationship with your own Buddhist practice.

Qualifications for the study include:
Either currently or in the past, Theravadan Buddhism (e.g. Spirit Rock, IMS, Goenka, and most lineages connected with South East Asia) has been your primary spiritual practice.
You are 21 years or older
You were raised with a primarily “Western” upbringing (e.g. in North America or Europe)
You are willing to be interviewed for up to an hour-and-a-half (not necessarily in person) about your personal challenges with your Buddhist practice. Your answers will be kept completely confidential, although you have the option, if you wish, to be video recorded for a documentary on the subject.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at or (510) 545-6065

About myself: I have studied and practiced Buddhism for almost 15 years and a graduate student at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology working on my dissertation research.

I thank you for your consideration. Warmly,

Ross Buttner, MA