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Being Human: Darkness Retreat Sweden

sille_profile (1)UPDATE Mon 18.02.2019:  Sille’s site is no longer active.

Sille from Being Human is offering s scheduled darkroom retreat.  Embrace the darkness of the late autumn in a still, secluded part of the beautiful, Swedish nature. Join us for the opportunity to experience nature as it slowly prepares for winter. Continue reading

Timothy Asher: happy and euphoric experience

ed:  this extract is from Timothy Asher’s website. go there for the full post with wonderful images.

timothy asher2

Balloons were hanging in the darkroom space to signal when you would need to turn. photo credit: Timothy Asher

The Retreat 

We were quite a diverse group with around 40 participants from about 18 different countries. We all converged on the Tao Garden Resort and Spa for the retreat, hosted by famed, and quite controversial, pranic nourishment pioneer Jasmuheen.

Tao Gardens staff setting up the mats in the group meditation area.
Tao Gardens is a beautiful resort and healing center located in the north of Thailand, just outside of Chiang Mai. It is the home and headquarters of renowned Taoist master Mantak Chia. Mantak Chia also hosts darkroom retreats, but I chose to attend Jasmuheen’s retreat as I resonate more with her.

The building was a two-story brick condominium-like structure with a large square central floor plan, where we would convene as a group, and 24 hotel-like rooms situated around the edges of it. There were 12 rooms on each floor, each with a private bathroom and air conditioning. I was in an upstairs room as far away from the communal area as you could possibly get. This meant I had the longest distance to walk in the darkness to get from my room to the group meditations. The corners of the walkways were wrapped in thick padding to prevent injury if you bumped into them. Balloons hung at head level at every corner, so you would know when to make a turn.

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Hridaya Yoga School: Mazunte Oaxaca Mexico

ed: the Hridaya is in Mexico, yet have not managed to find anything about the dark room facility itself.  following is an extract from the Hridaya Yoga School


Visit us in Mexico! Hridaya Yoga’s international headquarters is located in beautiful Mazunte, Oaxaca. Mazunte is a small, friendly village on the Oaxacan Coast. Our center sits atop an attractive hill with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

For centuries, Dark Room retreats (meditation retreats in rooms completely devoid of light) have been known to induce profound shifts in consciousness. Hridaya Yoga invites you to deepen your meditation practice by experiencing a private retreat in our Dark Room (Kaya Kalpa), a room especially prepared to admit no light. You may choose the length of the retreat, and we can provide meals and other support for your practice.

Dark Room Retreats: The Hridaya Yoga Perspective
Hridaya Yoga considers that darkness and the abyss are nothing to be afraid of, because who we really are is the very essence of Darkness and Light as well. There are not animalistic tendencies at the bottom of our being. Even if it might appear like this for many people, nirvana is there and the Supreme Self, consciousness, is the background of it. Sometimes the darkness of anguish or desperation or fear or death can instantaneously reveal pure awareness, nonconceptual bliss. And this is because there is a quantum leap between what seems to be the bottom and the top. The abyss is as much topless as bottomless.

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Hotel Arilagan: Mazunte Oaxaca Mexico

ed:  this extract is from the Hotel Arilagan website

Hotel Arigalan dark room 2

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Arilagan Hotel Dark Room – click for source

Our Dark Room design started from a dream with construction starting in early November of 2014 and ended late December.

The space is 3×3 meters, air-conditioned, outside ventilation, extractor and wall fan, single bed and amazing darkness. These options can be used as needed. the floor design is a combination of ocean rock hand picked from a beautiful beach in the community of Qetzali outsde of Huatulco. The rock layout is a reproduction of a tibetan cave drawing.

Trip Advisor Reviews
“The darkness and the light”

Reviewed 23 March 2015
I stayed at Hotel Arigalan for 10 days over March. I did not stay in the standard rooms but was the first person to stay in the hotel’s recently completed Darkroom. I stayed for 7 days in the darkness where I received 2 meals a day and had my water refilled at that time too. The food was perfect as I just wanted raw food during my stay. Whatever your diet requirements I know they will be able to look after you. Theroom is comfortable for any length of stay as it includes; flushing toilet, fan, air vents, a/c, warm water, wash basin, single bed, and plenty of floor space for yoga. It was my first time experiencing a Dark Retreat and was slightly apprehensive before my entry. The owner of the hostel was amazing throughout my time there and made my experience so much more rewarding. I can’t talk highly enough of the hotel and the Darkroom, but also can’t talk highly enough of the practice of a DarkRetreat. So much love for Rose, the hotel, the Dark, and all of Mazunte. It is a place of beautiful energy that will help you on your path.

Stayed March 2015, travelled solo Continue reading

Darkness Therapy Facilities in Czech Republic

ed:  Documentaries on darkroom retreats in Czech Republic have no doubt spurred quite a few new facilities.


Kiss darkness / darkness therapy – doco on Czech TV

 Published on Apr 1, 2013

Mrkněte také na web Živůtek.cz (http://zivutek.cz).

ed: comment (google translation) on this youtube video:

I got this video from a very good feeling. I also plan to stay in the dark. What is very nice that this experience and approach people with higher education as doctors, managers and professors. I think that 20 years ago would have been completely impossible or only a few exceptions. Just because any college in their own way humans him a fool in the sense to stay under any circumstances rational and what is irrational totally excluded. Perception and attitude to life of people is changing and shifting more towards himself and the spiritual dimension at the expense of materialism and that’s fine. 🙂 Good day friends

therapy darkness

Published on Dec 14, 2015
Fall asleep in absolute darkness and silence used to be quite natural, but today many people difficult to reach. This is also one of the reasons why becoming a popular therapy darkness relaxing and therapeutic therapy. More about therapy in the dark revealed Mgr. Marek Malůš, PhD., Who lectured at the University of Prešov in Prešov