Gertrud Niehaus: Dark Retreat in Germany

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dark retreat 


Gertrud Niehaus

Stays in complete darkness were used in all spiritual traditions, to attain enlightenment. In Europe different tunnel networks are known as spaces of initiation through the darkness. In Egypt, in Rome and at the Dead Sea it was caves.

Caves represent the Earth Mother and their power lines. 

The cave symbolizes immortality and an inner alchemical room. 
The darkness in which you spend a few days and nights, altered sensory perception. Feelings and sensations is amplified. Dreams become clearer and it comes quite naturally, deep self-knowledge. Also, set a mental regeneration and calming of the energy flow. The darkness takes us back to our true selves and we are reunited with our divinity within us. We are to “electromagnetic conductors” of universal energy.
For me personally the stay meant in the dark a breakthrough from the prison of limiting programs and arriving at myself. I could learn who dies only fear and behind it frees the true nature. Depth inner silence, light and peace remain. 

The dark retreat will take place in my house in a completely dark apartment. There is a daily conversation in which the symptoms occur and psychological situations are analyzed and if necessary deepened by appropriate exercises and made aware.
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Saskia John: join in a virtual darkness retreat

Retreat Into Darkness – A Path to Light

consciousness experiment transformation field “darkness”

saskia 1ed: this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone. if interested, contact Saskia by June 20th. all details on her website. below is an extract. full post by Saskia on her website here.   more on saskia’s dark retreat here

I feel drawn to my third dark retreat (= long term stay in complete darkness), that means, I will move into the transformative energy field „darkness“ for 4 weeks (June 27th – July 22nd) this summer and will immerse myself through meditation into deep levels of existence and thus use the period of fasting and darkness for a deepening of love and peace in my heart.

Even though inner processes are unpredictable, I sense that it will above all be about higher levels of light. And I ask myself, how can this retreat – beyond the inner work for peace and healing – be of use for the world?

I spontaneously got the idea to offer other people the opportunity to participate in this transformative process.

What is needed therefore?

  • your wish to participate in this consciousness experiment – it is free for you, at least regarding money
  • openness to the possibility, that new things happen in your life
  • a true challenge in your life, which you REALLY want to face and solve – something truly difficult for you; where you haven’t been moving or have been stuck for weeks, months or even years
  • only your name – please let me know by email by June 25th 2016, if you want to participate

Many effects may occur, for instance:

  • you progress one or several steps in solving a challenge or a complete resolution happens or several blockages are dissolved at once
  • more awareness, zest for life and aliveness
  • inspiration on topics, you haven’t been thinking of before
  • you meet shadow areas in yourself, which then may or will be healed
  • you become aware of the origin of behaviour patterns
  • you are enriched by a consciousness experience
  • or nothing at all happens …

Saskia John

Can you imagine to support this project in any way? It needs to be published, e. g. on websites, Facebook, Twitter, in a short video on YouTube and other channels. I could need support in this campaign of spreading the word.

With joyful anticipation of new experiences in my dark retreat, Saskia

Dark Retreat / Dark Therapy Experiences (subtitled)

Pitch-black darkness, alone and fasting – for several weeks Saskia John exposed herself to dark retreats.
The account “In the Depths of my Soul – Experiences in Complete Darkness” describes the personal and transpersonal experiences at the borderline of the author and offers a cross section through the universe of the human psyche. It is also available in an English short version titled “Retreat Into Darkness – A Path To Light” through all common outlets.
The book is aimed at readers interested in psychology, transformation, spirituality, mysticism, lucid dreaming, dream analysis and in deep experiences of meditation, Tai Chi, fasting and Beingness.

Bharati: the golden path to enlightenment

Bharati  writes eloquently about the essential benefits of dark retreating. She and her partner manage Spirit Balance, a darkness retreat facility in Germany.  below is an excerpt.  go here for the original full articles.


Let your soul be the guide

Darkness Retreats, also referred to as Darkness Therapy, Darkness Yoga or Darkness Meditation, serve as an effective method for self-discovery and gaining highly energetic spiritual experiences.

Deprived of external stimuli, your inner voice – which is closely connected to the soul – emerges. As a result, wisdom and unique truths enter your awareness during flashes of epiphany. All of a sudden, your inner knowledge becomes tangible. Decisions get easier as you clearly see the path laid out in front of you and questions about life literally answer themselves. Continue reading

Bharati & Martin Spirit Balance: Bad Dürkheim, Germany

following is an extract from the spirit balance website of Bharati and Martin


What Is A Darkness Retreat?

The darkness retreat is also called dark therapy, dark yoga or dark meditation. It is finding the Light of the Soul and inner responses as well as the time of spiritual experiences.
For me darkness retreat is the original path to enlightenment because after a while the inner light becomes visible even physically. The word enlightenment in fact gets a completely different meaning.

Darkness is an elementary power that helps us to develop personally and spiritually. When we dedicate ourselves to darkness for a longer time, we will experience the being and powers, that are greater than we are, an experience that goes deeper and deeper. Darkness retreats are practised in all traditional cultures, especially in Japan, India and Tibet.

In Bön, the pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet, the darkness retreat is called the royal road of meditation. Using the night as a tool to reduce stimuli and for final conditioning is a part of self-discovery in all cultures and religions.

You may have many different kinds of spiritual experiences during a darkness retreat. Self-awareness often deepens. A darkness retreat may also lead to a contemplation, an observation of mental processes, an experience of the primal sound and primal light, encounters with spiritual beings, decedents, figures of light, forces of nature etc., an experience of emptiness, death experiences, an experience of reincarnation, a sense of a second body (bioplasma body).

There is no real method to practise a darkness retreat. The path through darkness is completely individual; there is no prescribed plan through the night you have to follow. You will realize that the darkness itself is the technique. The darkness is your teacher and leads you to the place where you will find your healing. The being itself is the journey.

Who Is Suitable For A Darkness Retreat?
There are no special indications or contraindications for a darkness retreat. However, one should be physically and mentally in good shape to handle all internal and external impressions in the best manner. The dark therapy does not deal with individual problems, but takes the human being in a unity of body, mind and spirit, so that he feels as a part again and linked with the universe. Continue reading