Gertrud Niehaus: Dark Retreat in Germany

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dark retreat 


Gertrud Niehaus

Stays in complete darkness were used in all spiritual traditions, to attain enlightenment. In Europe different tunnel networks are known as spaces of initiation through the darkness. In Egypt, in Rome and at the Dead Sea it was caves.

Caves represent the Earth Mother and their power lines. 

The cave symbolizes immortality and an inner alchemical room. 
The darkness in which you spend a few days and nights, altered sensory perception. Feelings and sensations is amplified. Dreams become clearer and it comes quite naturally, deep self-knowledge. Also, set a mental regeneration and calming of the energy flow. The darkness takes us back to our true selves and we are reunited with our divinity within us. We are to “electromagnetic conductors” of universal energy.
For me personally the stay meant in the dark a breakthrough from the prison of limiting programs and arriving at myself. I could learn who dies only fear and behind it frees the true nature. Depth inner silence, light and peace remain. 

The dark retreat will take place in my house in a completely dark apartment. There is a daily conversation in which the symptoms occur and psychological situations are analyzed and if necessary deepened by appropriate exercises and made aware.
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