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Being Human: Darkness Retreat Sweden

sille_profile (1)UPDATE Mon 18.02.2019:  Sille’s site is no longer active.

Sille from Being Human is offering s scheduled darkroom retreat.  Embrace the darkness of the late autumn in a still, secluded part of the beautiful, Swedish nature. Join us for the opportunity to experience nature as it slowly prepares for winter. Continue reading

Darkness Visible, The Sacred Trust Centre in Dorset, England


click image for sourceourney to the Midnight Sun – A Ten-Day Darkness Retreat

The Journey to the Midnight Sun is a ten day darkness retreat that is offered annually to those who have previously undertaken the Darkness Visible workshop. It is a unique opportunity to undertake ten days and nights of withdrawal into total black-out, undertaking a pilgrimage to what has been described classically as the Midnight Sun, being a metaphor for the encounter with our own greater luminosity.

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Zaježová Education Centre: Pliešovce, Slovakia

Ústranie v tme | Zaježová Education Center

Roman Miesler is the coordinator of this facility in the Zajezova  Education Centre Pliešovce, a village in the municipality of the Zvolen District in the Banská Bystrica Region of Slovakia.

If you have any questions, contact Romana Miesler: miesler@zivica.sk, 0918 301 664 or visit



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Roman and Katerina


Zajezova is a widely spread village consisting of small groups of settlements. The greater part of its original inhabitants has gradually moved away during the second half of the 20th century. From 1991 several NGOs have started to be active in Zajezova – their focuses being traditional handicrafts, folk architecture and environmental issues. These NGOs have attracted (and are still attracting) a great amount of people, of which some decided to settle in Zajezova and its surrounding settlements. The number of inhabitant in Zajezova has been growing since then. The newcomers and the original inhabitants are in most aspects different, however, many of them cooperate in their effort to make Zajezova even nicer. A part of the inhabitant that are more actively involved in different both non-formal and formal projects call themselves „community of Zajezka“. Their creativity and enthusiasm to live freely and in harmony with nature made Zajezka a place that inspires other freely thinking people not only from Slovakia. Some of our local initiatives are pioneering and unique in Slovakia: strawbale building, community run primary school, non-formal forest kindergarden, food bank cooperative, natural reserves protected by the municipality, dunkeltherapy retreats, to name just a few.

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Retreat in the dark

In the seclusion of darkness everyone can look for and find what they need for themselves, regardless of age, gender, religion and social orientation.

The human nature is natural to search for something more, something better, fuller and truer. Therefore we seek the truth. Initially, it is chiefly the truth with a small “t” – the truth about our personality, character, philosophy, worldview, religion, science, politics, or work. When we come to a point where we see that these “small” Truth is incomplete, restrictive, we begin to seek the truth with a capital “T” – try to see things, the situation themselves and others as they really are.

It was in seclusion in TIME can be seen with great accuracy the truth with a capital “T”.

Impact and potential of this method

DEATH mock


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Enter into seclusion in the dark is to survive your own mock death. Close the door and understand the quote from the cemetery “moment and forget everything the moment and forget all about you.” You realize that you are here and the world is running out there somewhere myself without you as good as with you before. Sufi teacher Jalal Rumi writes: “If the heart is crying in the darkness of his cell for what they lost, ash Spirit by what he found.” Then he shows you the way through the darkness that is your present state and further the objective. It expresses exactly medieval Meister Eckhart, “has nothing, I want nothing, know nothing …” From the world I have nothing but memories that also waste with the acceptance and compassion, and so arises and to “know nothing”. And while I know nothing, I know not what you want.

BENEFITS seclusion in TIME

In the darkness may lose vision. Whether in the form of understanding, recapitulation and healthy processing of your life so far, experiences of light and knowledge of who you really are.

The best way to properly enter into the darkness is nothing I do not expect to have confidence in the natural wisdom of the Spirit. When you stop for a while to employ unhealthy mind, your natural health and wisdom will be felt by themselves. So even if it seems that you are entering into the mysterious and unfamiliar world, ultimately discover that you yourself more than “home”. The mind can be translated into your life interesting details. As unfolds situations that require attention, understanding, forgiveness and compassion.

In the dark you fall off the outer eye and with it the concept of space, or do not know where your mind starts and ends. Leaving only endless darkness. Contact with the outside sound is also largely muted lose support team at the time. And in unbounded timeless space you have with yourself and with what you projected your mind. The differences between what is “out there, and what is in you” whether you are asleep or not, whether you know anything “interrupt” or becomes the only distraction or source of knowledge you yourself ….

A significant part of the dark can be a boring, which is an indication that eliminating outdoor fun and begins to “retune” to your inner world. Boredom is extremely important because it is the only protection against sebapotvrdzovaním you by some fashion …

Experience the darkness appears to be a treasure that you as a specific life wisdom or insight transferred to the next life. Then a dark piece with take-away and into the light, you feel it as a place of peace and depth in you.

TMA AS A MEANS cognition in different cultures and spiritual direction

Darkness is used as a means of learning and still used in many cultures, spiritual direction. For example St. John of the Cross emphasized the darkness as a place of humiliation of the soul so that it could operate Divine light. The darkness of his cell and loved the desert Fathers, many of the initial Christian Church. Some Indian yogis in remote caves of the Himalayas to wall leaving in the dark almost a year. Darkness still used the part of the South American indiániako training kuranderos (shamans). To retreat in darkness leaving the non-Buddhist adepts of the original religion of Tibet – Bon. Very sophisticated system of work in the dark can be found also in Buddhist teachings Dzogčenu.

You too can courageously follow those who find the process in the dark already passed. So you can see yourself and your world a new look.

Expression lady who attended the first 6 days of our newly formed seclusion in the dark:

“I would like to express gratitude for the opportunity to stay in the dark for Zaježová. It was on my second stay in the dark (before that I was in another place). From that first quite substantially different. When you first visit I had a whole range of very varied experiences of living dreams, visions, breakthroughs in the past, mental travel, to experience expanded consciousness completely out of the meditation hut. And of course the omnipresent light that just could not go out.

When darkness to Zaježová it was a much more deeper and meditative experience, both the intense meditation practice, as well as energy tuning cabins that much more pulled onto the inside and not the outside “pictures” a guide that my practice understood, she is with her experience and brought attention to some aspects that I remained hidden. Journey to the heart was associated with the need to discover as much sources of disturbing emotions that are constantly in my life appear to cope with them, take frequent injuries in my life become his face and to understand better the functioning of the mind and our incredible need to constantly “chase happiness “. A great sense of gratitude for this experience I still remains. “


Vital Darkness Retreat: Hamme, Belgium


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UPDATE: mon 18.02.2019 currently this website has no mention of darkroom retreat, only darkroom mediation, in passing.

A short description here is from the full and orig. text here.

I have learned from several masters in Huashan (China). This Taoist mountain is known for its sleep meditations.
My own four days and four nights,”Vital darkness” experience was one of the most powerful spiritual experiences I ever had.
After the world of external images had disappeared there was a struggle with thoughts and emotions as the residue from the world, thinking self. The ego tries to retain his place through a stream of thoughts and a sense of time.

But by allowing this and surrendering to it, this resolves itself. We enter in a more abstract world where we experience things beyond the old thinking/emotional context. Many people have thoughts and feelings that they do not know themselves. Others sink into the spirit world and have meetings with long denied aspects of their being or other beings (angels, masters …..). But then opens up the true prenatal dimension and “The Mind”, with its typical sense of emptiness and unity.

What can this sleep-shop offer you?

  • A discovery of an unknown source of life: The great sea of Yin or the primal feminine IN YOU!
  • Your ideas of what your own and others their dark side is and convert it in a deep internal experience of “vital darkness.”
  • Finally rest, no sensory stimuli … so nothing to do.
  • Let go of your attachment to time and space. This gives you a sense of inner freedom!
  • awaken the inner senses.
  • Darkness, your dark side, fear …. Death. The release of the shape and the complete darkness are a part of the path of immortality.
  • ‘The Mind’ (intelligence network) itself really experienced.
  • Sink through your fear of the unknown and what “could” happen. In the HERE and NOW.

Darkroom 432Hz, Italy


 (Darkroom 432Hz)

High tech (interesting idea behind it) but gourmet and expensive and with shared spaces. the shared spaces mean that the retreater does not get the deep rest. hygienic darkroom retreats require the solitary space, with their supporter on hand if and when needed. Perhaps they would support a hygienic retreat. I don’t know them. Could be ok. – Andrew Durham

Below is a google translation of the Darkroom 432Hz webpage

UPDATE july 2016: the website seems not to be current

When you walk in darkness, and this is total, it soon becomes light. [Tao]

The DARKROOM 432Hz® is a supplementary method of any evolutionary path, practical and effective and the ancient origins. One system, widely experienced and widespread in the East by the Taoist Master Mantak Chia. The DARKROOM 432Hz® is the direct descendant of the more powerful chamber of the transmutation of the I ever conceived by man old, Loredana Ancora (Masters in Practice accredited EMF® Balancing Technique) took the enterprising idea to import all the qualities in our country, expanding the way from the ground to adapt it to the needs of Western man.


It ‘a withdrawal of three days (72 hours) complete uninterrupted isolation from any light source, which normally can be extended to SEVEN days (168 hours), FOURTEEN (336 hours) and TWENTY (504 hours).

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