Andrew Durham: second edition “Darkroom Retreat”

andrew dAndrew Durham’s well-received book is now in it’s second edition.  buy the book

An experienced darkroom retreater, Andrew  has built a dark retreat dome in guatemala, given talks on darkroom retreating, facilitated 18 retreats for 18 people guatemala, and for other retreaters in Sweden, Norway, and Spain.

One of Andrew’s talks was entitled the “Darkness Conjecture” . See video of Andrew’s talk here

darkroom retreat

deep rest for the self-healing psyche

a book by andrew durham: a complete manual

~~~ a complete manual ~~~

Hygienic darkroom retreating consists of resting in an absolutely dark room for days, alone, with food. Why do this? To restore conditions of psychic balance, giving refuge from the sensory over-stimulation of civilized existence.

This seemingly trivial contrast can lead to a remarkable and lasting restoration of your well-being, making the darkroom a powerful tool. The book explains why a retreat works, how to do it, and how to make a darkroom. It includes detailed instructions to attain these effects in your own home.

~~~ toward a hygienic psychology ~~~

Neither spiritual nor disciplined, therapeutic nor medicinal, this is the first approach to darkness—and psychology—based on hygiene. Not just cleanliness, hygiene remains history’s most influential approach to health. Hygiene gave the modern world appreciation for the self-preserving nature of life and all its normal conditions, eg, fresh air, ample sleep, pure food, regular exercise and bathing, etc.

Hygiene has long succeeded in caring for the self-healing body. With darkness, hygiene now has an equally effective way of caring for the self-healing soul.

an extract from the FAQ chapter”


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