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Note from Marion:  hello all!  after three years, this webpage gets the most CLICKS. the maps program, Zeemaps, has been given free of charge to us. yet there is a downside. i have to make sure i have current backups, as every time 100 views of any map is reached, the map becomes frozen. that’s ok. as long as i have a current backup. even so, the settings have to be reset. the tester marker has to have data in all the fields  so all the fields are downloaded  with the backup and therefore uploaded thereby avoiding having to re-enter the fields again. and each of the photos needs to be re-uploaded. a lot of work.

so far none of the alternative map programs are suitable (if you know any you think we ought to look at, please make a comment below).one of the reasons is that they do not have anywhere near the features that this zeemaps does. i am going to write to http://www.zeemaps.com and make a proposal that they release our maps from being frozen, in exchange for a free ad on this page. i will let you know the response.

each time i upload the backup to replace the “frozen map after 100 views”, the URL address changes, so come back to this page, in order to get the latest map. so …..
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these maps are supplied free of charge to us by zeemaps.com 

Darkroom Retreats Worldwide


see many corresponding posts about individual darkrooms on one page here



a wonderful Directory of Other Darkness Retreats by Bharati

2 thoughts on “W O R L D M A P

  1. i have sorted the images. i have free hosted the images on imgur.com
    so the images are now in the zeemaps as an url. so problem solved.


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